Transformation & Empowerment

Since January 1996, Stedone has mentored various BEE emerging contractors with strategies tailored to suit the enterprise and the desired outcome of the venture.

The evolving Stedone Group mentoring strategy includes:


  • Development of competent contractors producing quality work under intensive practical supervision.

  • Addressing the general failure to meet national targets as outlined by the Governments Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Policy - Act No 53 of 2003 along with Department of trade and Industry regulations Codes of Good Practices.

  • Eliminating many of the challenges facing the smaller contractors such as the acquiring, securing and procuring of insurance, guarantees, credit facilities and competitive prices for plant and materials.

  • Transfer of skills, knowledge and systems regarding the administrative component of contracting.

  • Assistance with the financial input required to manage and implement the operation.

  • Magement and Staffing Structure.

  • Training.

  • Student mentoring.

To date in excess of 30 companies have been incubated, mentored and empowered.

Social Responsibility

The Stedone Group of Companies subscribe to the principles of sustainable social development. We employ appropriate social upliftment strategies which are aligned to the core functions of the Group. These initiatives act as an agent of change for affected and applicable communities.


The Stedone Group of Companies acknowledges that we have a collective responsibility to the environment and to all stakeholders to minimise the impact of our carbon footprint wherever possible. It is a component of Stedone’s policy to undertake projects in a manner which complies with national environment regulations and with an innate sense of responsibility to protect our natural environment, resources and heritage.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety issues are paramount to the founding principles of Stedone. We strive for the highest compliance of the Occupation Health and Safety Amendment Act, No 181 of 1993. Stedone is intent on ensuring the well being of all it’s stakeholders, employees, affected communities and clients.