Stedone Developments was established in the year 2000. Over the last 20 years, the company has specialized in acting as an Implementing Agent, focusing on subsidized (low cost) housing. Since its inception, Stedone Developments has enjoyed a significant increase in both its market share and capacity to undertake and implement substantial projects. The experience has given Stedone Developments the capability, to undertake both large and small projects.

Success Factors


 STEDONE DEVELOPMENTS has enjoyed substantial, sustained

support from its sister companies within the STEDONE GROUP.


STEDONE DEVELOPMENTS has an excellent, dedicated management and operational team with a diverse range of experience and expertise.


STEDONE DEVELOPMENTS's in-house skills include:

 Project managers

     Construction Project Managers

     Quantity Surveying

 Construction managers

 Business managers

 Financial management

 GIS controller

 T rainers

 Community facilitators

 Sales administrators

 Project administrators

 IT technicians 



Many aspects contribute to the success of STEDONE DEVELOPMENTS, including the ability to deliver on their spectrum of engagement services:


  •  Project management

  •  Planning processes and detailed studies:

  •  Social facilitation

  •  Bulk services

  •  Land audits

  •  Environmental assessments

  •  Geotechnical investigations

  •  Feasibility studies

  •  Prepare applications for funding

  •  Legal obligations and contracts

  •  Land surveying

  •  Implementing subsidy administration

  •  Implementing construction phase (engineering services & building)



  • Department of Human Serlements KwaZulu-Natal, Govan Mbeki Housing award for Builder of the Year in the Subsidised Housing category, winner in 2008.

  • Department of Housing, KwaZulu-Natal, Govan Mbeki Housing award for Builder of the Year in the Subsidised Housing category, 1st runner up in 2009.

  • LIV Vilage & Mdletsehe 2013 award (more Info needed)



Stedone Developments has the commitment, experience and expertise, along with its team of talented professionals, to successfully undertake a wide range of development projects from conception to handover.

The client can rest assured that all the diverse aspects of project management and implementation, from the challenging to the routine aspects, will be dealt with efficiently, on time and within budget to produce a high quality product.


Big 5 Municipality R52 million Makhasa

Umuziwabantu Municipality R50 million I sibonda

Maphamulo Municipality R52 million A mangcolosi

Maphamulo Municipality R52 million A mambhedu

Endondakusuka Municipality R58 million Macambini Ext.1

Ulundi Municipality R83 million E kushumayeleni

DOHS / Ministerial R300 million Ubombo

Mbonambi Municipality R54 million Hlanzeni

Ndwedwe Municipality R50 million Nodwengu

Hlabisa Municipality R52 million Mdletshe

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